Brazilian Butt Lift Testimonial, MyShape Lipo

This is an awesome testimonial from an attractive women that has all the energy in the world. She’s fun to watch and her results are incredible. Patrice is a local to Las Vegas and after over a year of research and countless consultations with local plastic surgeons, she chose MyShape Lipo for her abdominal liposuction and fat transfer to the butt, aka, Brazilian Butt Lift.

Like many of our patients, Patrice chose MyShape Lipo because of our industry leading customer service and family atmosphere we have created. She benefited from the vast experience of Trevor Schmidt PA-C, the owner and liposuction specialist who has performed over 15,000 liposuction procedures. Despite being told by other doctors that she didn’t need any work or she was not a good candidate for this procedure, Schmidt was able to far exceed her expectations and achieve what she thought was impossible.

MyShape Lipo is a specialty clinic that focuses on liposuction, fat transfer and laser skin tightening. They serve clients from around the world, who fly into Las Vegas to take advantage of our specialty serves and industry leading customer service. For a complimentary “Body Shape Analysis” call NOW

“Dream big, and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not possible.” says, Trevor Schmidt PA-C

Looking at this happy, enthusiastic woman describe her results motivates me more! Please, Please, Please can I win? Can i be that happy, enthusiastic woman? Jumping for joy being able to show off your handy work Dr. Trevor. Winning is something I’m working towards and hoping for!. Thank you for these contests! You’re awesome.

Patrice said in this video that the process for her was ‘therapeutic’ I hope to have this procedure and I know the experience will forever change my life!!!

why 3 dots on the side ??? yikea

I know what they are. Not everyone does 3 dots when performing lipo on the side like that otherwise you could tell everyone that has it done . Do you guys always have to do 3 dots ? I want to come here but i dont want those dots. I want more hidden dots.

Hers appear white in contrast to her darker skin, which makes them more apparent for her. That is not commonly the case. These are untouched, close up pictures of a fully exposed individual. As I said before, with time, they fade and it is difficult to find where they were. These are access for treatment of an area. Our instruments are straight so they don’t go around corners. I make fewer than most surgeons and try to hide them in inconspicuous areas. We make access points so that we are able to perform a quality job. With less access, things can be missed or less fat may be removed.