CoolSculpting for My Stubborn Belly Fat

Stubborn fat that does not disappear with the help of exercise or diet is something that can be reduced with CoolSculpting. There are several areas of the body where fat stubbornly sits, e.g. stomach, inside thighs, love handles or arms. Thanks to the CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ is now possible to remove the fat without surgery.

This is the only leading non-surgical treatment in Singapore that effectively, safely and permanently freezes and removes unwanted fat deposits from your body. It needed no needles, no special diets, and involves no downtime.

More than 3 million treatments have been performed worldwide, and the treatment is approved by the FDA.

my before and after
my before and after

CoolSculpting by zeltiq singapore makes it possible to freeze and remove fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues due to its Anti-Freeze Detect System. By adding controlled cooling energy is extracted from the fat cells thus die when fat cells are extremely sensitive to cold. When fat cells start dying a natural process in the body that gradually reduces the fat layer thickness. This process lasts for up to 4 months. Some improvement are visible and measurable reduction (20-25%) of fat in body areas treated. And the fat cells treated are gone for good. Even after three weeks, you can see the results and the final results are seen after one to four months. During treatment, you sit or lie down comfortably and read, work on a laptop or watch movies.

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Am I a good candidate?

This treatment is appropriate for those who are not considering surgery, but still want to change the shape of the body, but for example, special diet or exercise. However, it is not designed as a method for weight loss in overweight. This treatment is not like liposuction or tummy tuck. Since each patient is unique, with the unique conditions and requirements, we always recommend a tailored treatment plan, which are developed together with our trained beauticians in consultation moment. It is often enough, only a treatment but in some cases may require 2-3 treatments.

Remove stubborn fat that does not bite on either diet or exercise.
Those who are genetically exists only put on fat on i.e thighs may advantageously be treated with CoolSculpting.
For those not considering surgery, this treatment is a good option and neither local nor general anesthesia is needed. It also involves no down time and you can return to your normal life immediately after treatment.

What areas can be treated?
Thigh (riding breeches)
Love Handles
Chin (double chin)
Male breast / gynecomastia (in some cases)

Side effects?

After treatment, the treated area may become swollen and you can get transient bruising, redness, cramps and pain for one to two weeks. But the pain is tolerable for 99% of our patients. So nothing to worry about.