Large Volume Liposuction, Before and After, See Dramatic Results

Large volume liposuction can remove over 5 liters of pure fat in a single treatment. If you’ve got more, don’t worry, it can be removed through separate procedures. You can see in the pictures that obese individuals have gotten amazing results to significantly reduce their size and improve the way they look in their clothes. Large volume liposuction is a very safe procedure for most individuals.

hi I’m a mother of 6 I weight 290 do you think it’s possible to have liposuction, can’t afford bypass or tummy tuck

what remarkable transformations!! myShape Lipo has the most amazing before and after pictures ….. someday I might be lucky enough to have my metamorphosis on youtube too?!?

i started at 268lbs July 2014. oct 2015 i was 165lbs i got pregnant and gained 20lbs. i am currently july 2016 177lbs. im having trouble removing the fat in my abdomen and ofcourse back fat.i had 3 c sections. so my belly kinda over laps. i was wondering will liposuction help me out