Liposuction Before and After Pictures in Los Angeles

sean younai performing liposuction of abdomen, flanks, lower back.


Why did the first girl get liposuction? She’s already skinny she could have gotten the same body by dieting for a month or two

true but I still think liposuction was a little extreme in this case

I completely agree with you! Just speaking from my own experience, at my smallest most toned size, I had a visible 4-pack (abs) and still had my “fluffy” spot on my lower stomach below my naval (didn’t eat processed food, added sugar, starches or unnecessary carbs. Had a really clean diet for years and I did crossfit and HIIT regularly). Some women don’t mind it, while it can be extremely bothersome to others and areas that fat usually hereditarily collect in don’t go away with with just diet an exercise alone.

They look bumpy and the belly button looks weird after

Yeah that’s what happens when you don’t work out

Is there a good doctor around Newport Beach because I really wanted to do a liposuction on my wife. She is so stubborn on loosing her fat and never and hardly even expertise.. I’m so depressed right now. And if there a doctor that can do what I want to do for my wife, money is not a factor, and I will quit smoking. Thanks

I can suggest a hospitals in Korea if you are still interested. Few of my friends did lipo & whole lot of other things in that clinic.