CoolSculpting for My Stubborn Belly Fat

Stubborn fat that does not disappear with the help of exercise or diet is something that can be reduced with CoolSculpting. There are several areas of the body where fat stubbornly sits, e.g. stomach, inside thighs, love handles or arms. Thanks to the CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ is now possible to remove the fat without surgery.

This is the only leading non-surgical treatment in Singapore that effectively, safely and permanently freezes and removes unwanted fat deposits from your body. It needed no needles, no special diets, and involves no downtime.

More than 3 million treatments have been performed worldwide, and the treatment is approved by the FDA.

my before and after
my before and after

CoolSculpting by zeltiq singapore makes it possible to freeze and remove fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues due to its Anti-Freeze Detect System. By adding controlled cooling energy is extracted from the fat cells thus die when fat cells are extremely sensitive to cold. When fat cells start dying a natural process in the body that gradually reduces the fat layer thickness. This process lasts for up to 4 months. Some improvement are visible and measurable reduction (20-25%) of fat in body areas treated. And the fat cells treated are gone for good. Even after three weeks, you can see the results and the final results are seen after one to four months. During treatment, you sit or lie down comfortably and read, work on a laptop or watch movies.

Watch my story here:

Am I a good candidate?

This treatment is appropriate for those who are not considering surgery, but still want to change the shape of the body, but for example, special diet or exercise. However, it is not designed as a method for weight loss in overweight. This treatment is not like liposuction or tummy tuck. Since each patient is unique, with the unique conditions and requirements, we always recommend a tailored treatment plan, which are developed together with our trained beauticians in consultation moment. It is often enough, only a treatment but in some cases may require 2-3 treatments.

Remove stubborn fat that does not bite on either diet or exercise.
Those who are genetically exists only put on fat on i.e thighs may advantageously be treated with CoolSculpting.
For those not considering surgery, this treatment is a good option and neither local nor general anesthesia is needed. It also involves no down time and you can return to your normal life immediately after treatment.

What areas can be treated?
Thigh (riding breeches)
Love Handles
Chin (double chin)
Male breast / gynecomastia (in some cases)

Side effects?

After treatment, the treated area may become swollen and you can get transient bruising, redness, cramps and pain for one to two weeks. But the pain is tolerable for 99% of our patients. So nothing to worry about.


Liposonix vs Other Fat Removal Alternatives

5 latest trends in weight loss without surgery

There are many people out there who are looking for ways to slim and perfect body shapes. With modern technology, dieting is no longer a big problem as it was before. There are various trends that have come up that can help you narrow effective. The good thing is that it is possible to achieve that leaner shape without undergoing a surgical procedure. Below are some of the latest trends in weight loss without undergoing any surgical procedure.


This is a non-surgical fat removal aesthetic device that uses high intensity ultrasound energy. Liposonix treatment works by targeting the body parts affected by the high fat content. The high-intensity ultrasound focused on the targeted fat that leads to the destruction of the fast cells under the skin. Adipose Tissues automatically removed by natural healing and the elimination of the body. The results of this technique can be seen in two to three months.

before and after

Venus freeze

This is a perfect and painless treatment for cellulite and loose skin. It is approved by the FDA, so you need not worry because there are no side effects involved. It works by using magnetic and radio frequency pulses for the stimulation of new collagen and elastic fibers over a certain time period. This technology uses multi-polar radio frequency as a result of thermal reaction in the body’s tissues. This makes the skin tight and reduces cellulite and wrinkles. The new elastic fibers and collagen formation in the process. Collagen fibers developed when the contract makes the skin tight and smooth. Some of the key areas may be applied include the buttocks, arms, abdomen, face and thighs.

Zerona laser

Zerona laser is a non-invasive slimming technique that removes the extra fat from the body by cold lasers. It works by aiming lasers to the targeted lower parts of the body. The technology aims to puncture holes in your fat cells makes them empty. During the process, you do not feel anything, so no point worrying. The fat is then released into the interstitial fluid and removed by the lymphatic system. Since there are many toxins stored in fat, they also get away that this technology has advantages for cleansing your body.


This is the latest trend in dieting that gets rid of unwanted abdominal fat uses secure radio frequency technology that destroys fat cells. Vanquish is a device used in the body shaping and helps lose fat by frequency waves which heat and splitting radio fat cells. The good thing is that it does not destroy nearby muscles. It is effective when used in areas such as thighs, hips and stomach.


Coolsculpting is another non-surgical weight loss procedure that utilizes a controlled device for the freezing and destroy the fats in the body. The targeted cooling delivered to the fat cells located under the skin. The treated fat cells undergo the crystallization process, causing them to die in the long end. The body then removes the dead fat cells and your body slims without invasion.
Liposonix review: real result


CoolSculpting of the Love Handles

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved non-surgical and completely non-invasive treatment for permanent fat removal. It freezes fat away with its patented one-of-a-kind technology known as cryolipolysis. In this video, CoolSculpting is performed on the flanks, also known as the love handles.

CoolSculpting is performed at Jandali Plastic Surgery in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shareef Jandali marks all patients and directly oversees each treatment for optimal results.

Looks great. I have a similar body type to the woman in the video and am looking forward to scheduling a consultation.

She is Awesome With that love handles


Dr. Paul Nassif – The CoolSculpting Procedure for the Double Chin

I just came from my first consultation and they told me I’d require 8 applicators (4 large, 4 small) for my midsection. I’m in good shape – 5’2″, 128 lbs – with some stubborn fat around my abdomen. I was floored they suggested so many applicators for my midsection. I was expecting, at most, 2 of the large ones. Curious if this seems like it may be overkill… I realize it’s hard to tell without perhaps seeing me but 8 applicators?? To “enhance my hourglass shape” ?????

Lose 25% of Fat in 25 Minutes?! NEW SculpSure treatment

Take a lunch break. Keep your clothes on. Relax for less than a half hour and a couple weeks later *poof* up to 25% of your fat is GONE.

Does it really work? Dr. Bullis from A-to-Zen exclaims “YES!”, and from my experience it did!

SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive lipolysis.

SculpSure – The Latest Non-invasive Fat Reduction Option

Do you have stubborn fat? Then the latest revolutionary SculpSure, a world-first FDA-cleared, non-invasive body contouring laser treatment may be the answer you’re looking for! 25 minute treatment times and treats multiple areas simultaneously; SculpSure is the obvious choice for non-invasive body contouring.

No conflict of interest here, I have access to Themage, Coolsculpting, Velashape, Tripolar Polagen, and a few other fat reduction devices, this is my pick for general fat reduction. Coolsculpting great for ‘sculpting’, but downtime is an issue. The speed, comfort levels and how good this treatment works really takes non-invasive body contouring to another level. I don’t get paid by Cynosure to say that! Dr Davin Lim Fiori Institute of Body Contouring Brisbane, Australia.

Liposonix – How To Get Sexy Legs | Toned Legs For Summer

Dr. Bill Johnson goes on Good Morning Texas to talk about sexy legs. In this segment, he talks about inner thigh liposuction, outer thigh reduction, smoothing legs, and fixing loose skin on the knees. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about legs, if you want to be ready for Spring and Summer. Also, check out the new non surgical liposuction, Liposonix!

Kill Belly Fat Cells Instantly Using Ice Packs – The Results Are Amazingly Fast!

A lot of people want’s to get rid of the fatty tissues. The fatty tissues make your thighs fat and sometimes it becomes impossible to get rid of it. The fat expansion in excess is dangerous for your health and can lead to disease like type 3 diabetes or heart trouble. Thus, many researchers are working to search a way out to get rid of this issue.

Process to Apply Ice Packs!

The application process of the ice packs is very simple. Just follow the below steps:

1. Take 4 to 5 ice cubes and wrap it in a slender fabric.
2. Spot the ice pack on the affected area where fat accumulation is more.
3. Keep it on the body part for 30 minutes to an hour
4. Repeat the process once in a day for next 12 days regularly.

There are some of the drawbacks of this treatment which has to be taken care off. You have to lift the ice packs time to time to divide the below frostbite:

Deadness and tingling of the skin.
Torment and redness of the skin.
Rigid and strong skin which lost the feel of touch.

If you suffer from any of the above side effects after the treatment then quickly make the body part warm by rubbing it. You can also rub a warm pack on the affected body part.

The individual with health issues like fringe vascular illness along with the lower blood stream or fringe neuropathy or individual who use beta-blocker are diabetic or smoker should not use this treatment.

This is the best method to lose the fat with the simple trick and fewer efforts. Try it today!

SculpSure vs Coolsculpting

Are you considering a SculpSure or Coolsculpting procedure in Lone Tree Colorado?


SculpSure™ provides non-invasive fat removal for patients seeking to reduce the appearance of flanks and abdominal areas, as well as the back, legs, and arms. These pockets of fat cells are oftentimes resistant to traditional weight loss methods, including dieting and exercise.

As a result, many patients turn to body contouring to help reduce the appearance of these final layers of fat. Unlike traditional body sculpting techniques, SculpSure™ requires no stitches and leaves no post-procedure scars. Instead, this non-invasive lipolysis treatment uses a hyperthermic laser to deliver concentrated energy to the areas around the abdominals, back, legs, or arms, producing a thinner-looking appearance in under a half hour!

What’s the difference between SculpSure™ and CoolSculpting?

SculpSure™ uses a special laser to heat and destroy unwanted fat, while CoolSculpting freezes the fat, also damaging the fat cells and allowing the body to dispose of them. Besides the technology used, the main difference is effectiveness—SculpSure™ has been proven to be more effective than CoolSculpting, while involving a much shorter treatment.

Moreover, SculpSure™ provides the added benefit of skin tightening, along with eliminating 25% of body fat in the treated areas.


Patients can undergo SculpSure™ treatment in accordance with their daily routine, as there is no downtime associated. Moreover, SculpSure™ results are long-lasting, as targeted fat cells are removed from the body over time and cannot re-enter the system.

SculpSure™ treatment is performed in approximately 25 minutes. Patients do not require anesthesia during their SculpSure™ procedure. Instead, non-invasive SculpSure™ applicators are positioned around the fat pocket.

Up to 4 applicators may be utilized, depending on the needs and goals of the patient. The SculpSure™ machine delivers hyperthermic heat energy from the applicators to the targeted fat cells, while simultaneously providing a cooling effect to soothe the skin during treatment. As excess fat cells are exposed to heat energy from the SculpSure™ device, they begin to gradually loosen from surrounding fat tissue.

As a result, the body begins to process these loose fat cells, leading to their natural removal from the body. Patients can begin to see fat loss results from SculpSure™ in subsequent weeks.

Is there going to be downtime? NO

Since SculpSure™ is non-invasive, patients are free to return to their daily activities immediately following treatment.

SculpSure™ FAQs

Will I lose weight after my SculpSure™ procedure?

Not much—and that’s okay! SculpSure™ is not a weight loss treatment. Instead, SculpSure™ is a body contouring procedure that is designed to reduce pockets of stubborn fat and improve the overall appearance of the treated areas.

Is the SculpSure™ treatment process uncomfortable?

While the laser does heat the subcutaneous fat, the device counteracts this by using Contact CoolingTM technology to prevent damage to the skin and keep the patient comfortable.

Patients do experience the warming of the laser, but typically find that the cooling of the skin is enough to keep the treatment from becoming uncomfortable, despite the lack of anesthesia.

Call us today for your free SculpSure consultation.

More information about the SculpSure laser procedure, costs, reviews etc…

Brazilian Butt Lift Testimonial, MyShape Lipo

This is an awesome testimonial from an attractive women that has all the energy in the world. She’s fun to watch and her results are incredible. Patrice is a local to Las Vegas and after over a year of research and countless consultations with local plastic surgeons, she chose MyShape Lipo for her abdominal liposuction and fat transfer to the butt, aka, Brazilian Butt Lift.

Like many of our patients, Patrice chose MyShape Lipo because of our industry leading customer service and family atmosphere we have created. She benefited from the vast experience of Trevor Schmidt PA-C, the owner and liposuction specialist who has performed over 15,000 liposuction procedures. Despite being told by other doctors that she didn’t need any work or she was not a good candidate for this procedure, Schmidt was able to far exceed her expectations and achieve what she thought was impossible.

MyShape Lipo is a specialty clinic that focuses on liposuction, fat transfer and laser skin tightening. They serve clients from around the world, who fly into Las Vegas to take advantage of our specialty serves and industry leading customer service. For a complimentary “Body Shape Analysis” call NOW

“Dream big, and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not possible.” says, Trevor Schmidt PA-C

Looking at this happy, enthusiastic woman describe her results motivates me more! Please, Please, Please can I win? Can i be that happy, enthusiastic woman? Jumping for joy being able to show off your handy work Dr. Trevor. Winning is something I’m working towards and hoping for!. Thank you for these contests! You’re awesome.

Patrice said in this video that the process for her was ‘therapeutic’ I hope to have this procedure and I know the experience will forever change my life!!!

why 3 dots on the side ??? yikea

I know what they are. Not everyone does 3 dots when performing lipo on the side like that otherwise you could tell everyone that has it done . Do you guys always have to do 3 dots ? I want to come here but i dont want those dots. I want more hidden dots.

Hers appear white in contrast to her darker skin, which makes them more apparent for her. That is not commonly the case. These are untouched, close up pictures of a fully exposed individual. As I said before, with time, they fade and it is difficult to find where they were. These are access for treatment of an area. Our instruments are straight so they don’t go around corners. I make fewer than most surgeons and try to hide them in inconspicuous areas. We make access points so that we are able to perform a quality job. With less access, things can be missed or less fat may be removed.

Fat Transfer Post-Op Information

Trevor Schmidt PA-C, the owner and liposuction specialist form MyShape Lipo discuses his general post op instructions for fat transfer to breast, butt face and hands. With the experience of over 15,000 liposuction procedures Schmidt has seen it all and speaks from his experience. In this video he discusses: What’s happening during a fat transfer, the rules to follow, our expectations, and what can be done to get the best possible results. This should be used as a guide. If you have further questions or you are unsure of what you should be doing, please call our office for more details. 702-818-5476

If you have size D Breast and they are not as firm as they once were, not real saggy but but not firm either what can be done for them? I am having Liposuction in March and a Brazilian butt injections. Would I have enough maybe later on to get injections in my breasts?

This is such good information. People have different expectations. This sheds light on a serious procedure people take as a joke. or easy procedure.

No joke Jena:) this is serious business for us. We focus our efforts on doing only a few things, liposuction, fat transfer and skin tightening. Since we’ve been able to focus our efforts, we’ve been able to get better and eliminate some of the common mistakes made when you are first starting to perform these procedures. It’s this reason that we believe we are by far the best value in the country for liposuction. How often do you get the best of the best at a reasonable price? We’ve found we can help more people if our prices are more reasonable. Our vision is to help as many people as possible.